Special Program Additions

The Program for ICTE Oslo 1997 will feature several areas of particular interest to educators regarding distance learning, intranets, and the Internet, as well as several special software technology areas that promise to have a significant effect on teaching, technology, and the classroom.

Program updates in these areas include:


The Distributed Classroom

Developed at the University of Oslo and now in use on several campuses in Norway, the Distributed Electronic Classroom is a unique system that operates over the Internet or ISDN to link two or more classrooms with live audio, video, and an electronic whiteboard allows teachers and students who are located at different sites to participate in the same class in real time. Several special workshops and sessions will focus on the innovative distributed Electronic Classroom at ICTE Oslo 1997.


The JAVA Language and its promise for education

JAVA is a new computer programming language that is uniquely compatible with web browsers, the Internet, intranets, and that promises the unique capability of interoperability or cross-platform operation of software programs for a variety of computer systems. Educators need to be aware of the promise and substantial impact that JAVA may have on educational software. Sessions in the Pre-Conference Workshop at ICTE Oslo 1997 will focus on non-technical overviews of JAVA by industry authorities who will explore the considerable potential for JAVA-based software in education.


IT in Norwegian Education: Plan for 1996 - 99

A modern, highly industrialized nation, Norway is nevertheless a country with a modest population of just over 4 million people, making it one of the least densely populated countries in Europe. With large distances between population centers, telecommunications and distance learning are important factors in instructional technology plans for Norwegian education. Current Norwegian initiatives are of particular interest with respect to technology and education, and will be featured in the ICTE program in Oslo. Areas addressed will include:
bulletplan overview
bulleta computer for every student?


Canada's SchoolNet: A Special Report

Based on the collaboration of educational, partners in the Canadian provinces, and designed to facilitate the use of information technology in Canadian schools, SchoolNet has enjoyed unparalleled success. Over 7,000 of Canada's 16,500 schools are currently connected to the Internet, and the Canadian SchoolNet World Wide Web site averages over 2 million hits per month. Current initiatives of the Canadian SchoolNet International program include: development of collaborative projects between schools that foster long term international relations; joint production of content for users; exchange of technical knowledge; and encouraging the development of an international perspective for Canadian firms in terms of technology, education, and related markets. A special presentation on SchoolNet of Canada will be a part of the program for ICTE Oslo 1997.


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