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Canada's SchoolNet joins International Conferences on Technology and Education
as a Cooperating Organization

Fort Worth, Texas -- The International Conferences on Technology and Education Inc. (ICTE) today announced that Canada's SchoolNet has reached a decision to support and participate in the annual ICTE International Conference on Technology and Education.

Now in its fourteenth year, ICTE is the longest-running international Conference of its kind, convening annually in North America or Europe in alternate years. Typically attended by delegates from over forty nations, ICTE each year provides an international forum for both educational futurists and pragmatists to investigate processes, procedures, techniques, and tools for creating learning environments appropriate for the twenty-first century. From August 10 through August 13, 1997, ICTE will convene In Oslo, Norway, on the campus of the University of Oslo. ICTE Oslo 1997 will focus on Changing Practices and Technologies: Decisions Now for the Future.

Canada's SchoolNet is an initiative of Industry Canada, an agency of the Canadian Federal government. Based on the collaboration of educational partners in the Canadian provinces, and designed to facilitate the use of information technology in Canadian schools, SchoolNet has enjoyed unparalleled success. Over 7,000 of Canada's 16,500 schools are currently connected to the Internet, and the Canadian SchoolNet World Wide Web site averages over 2 million hits per month.

As a result of SchoolNet's success in the area of educational networking, the program has attracted increasing international attention. Canada's SchoolNet is concluding cooperative or collaborative arrangements with a growing list of nations, schools, and organizations, under the newly formed SchoolNet International program. This International Program is designed to foster international relationships for Canadian students and teachers, and to develop global awareness and cooperative approaches to problems by learners throughout the world.

Current initiatives of the Canadian SchoolNet International program include: development of collaborative projects between schools that foster long term international relations; joint production of content for users; exchange of technical knowledge; and encouraging the development of an international perspective for Canadian firms in terms of technology, education, and related markets.

Gerald McConaghy of the Canadian SchoolNet Advisory Board stated that "much of the program's success is due to strong support and participation by teachers across Canada, with particular success in relating to and engaging front-line practitioners. The SchoolNet models in this area are of particular interest to international participants."

"On behalf of ICTE, Inc., the ICTE Board of Directors, and the ICTE Governing Board and Program Committee, I want to welcome Canada's SchoolNet to ICTE," said William Gattis, Chairman of ICTE Inc. "I believe that participation by the Canadian SchoolNet organization will enhance the annual Conference program, and will contribute to the overall goal of ICTE, which is to support and encourage the exchange of ideas and information among educators worldwide concerning uses of technology in education."

Recent ICTE Conferences have been held in New Orleans, Louisiana (1996); Orlando, Florida (1995); London, England at the University of London (1994); Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993); Paris, France (1992); Toronto, Canada (1991); Brussels, Belgium (1990); Orlando, Florida (1989); and Edinburgh, Scotland at the University of Edinburgh (1988).

Co-sponsors of ICTE Oslo 1997 include: the University of Oslo, Norway; the Norwegian Ministry of Education, Research, and Church Affairs; the Norwegian National Centre for Educational Resources, Oslo; the University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Arlington, Texas; the Institute of Education, University of London, UK; the University of Pennsylvania, College of Engineering and Applied Science, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Apple Computer, Inc., Cupertino, California; Sun Microsystems, Inc., Palo Alto, California; and Technological Horizons in Education Journal, Tustin, California.

In addition to SchoolNet of Canada, cooperating organizations for ICTE Oslo 1997 include: the Nordic Council of Ministers, Copenhagen, Denmark; the American Association of School Administrators, Washington, D.C.; the British Council, London, England; the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium; UNESCO, Paris, France; ULTRALAB APU, East Anglia, UK; Scottish Council for Educational Technology, Glasgow, Scotland; Department of Defense Dependent Schools, Washington, D.C.; Educational Computing Organization of Ontario, Canada; Ibero-American Network for Informatics and Education, Santiago, Chile; International Society for Technology in Education, Eugene, Oregon; Scottish Interactive Technology Centre, Edinburgh, Scotland; National School Boards Association, Boston, Massachusetts; New England School Development Council, Marlborough, Massachusetts; Partnership of Parliaments, Berlin, Germany; Technology Education Research Centers, Cambridge, Massachusetts; the Center for Educational Technology, Ramat-Aviv, Israel; the University of Athens, Greece; and Xemplar Education Ltd., Cambridge, England, UK.

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