ICTE Oslo 1997


The deadline for submission of proposals has been extended to February 28, 1997.

If you wish to present at the Conference, you must:

  1. Write a proposal abstract in English of not more than 150 words.
  2. Complete the Presenter Application
  3. Send the Proposal and the Presenter Application to:


ICTE NEW Oslo '97
Dr. Lynn Peterson
University of Texas at Arlington
Post Office Box 195349
UTA Station
Arlington, Texas 76019-0001 USA



If you send your proposal by Federal Express, Purolator, or other courier, send it to:

ICTE Oslo '97
Dr. Lynn Peterson
University of Texas at Arlington
416 Yates
300 Nedderman Hall
Arlington, Texas 76019 USA

Proposals must be received by February 15, 1997.

The deadline for submission of proposals has been extended to February 28, 1997.

Proposal Referee and Selection

An international panel of expert referees will evaluate all proposals submitted. Those selected to present will be notified by March 10, 1997. Please note that the referee panel may accept your proposal for presentation in a different format or within a different sub-theme than proposed. Please insure that your full address, telephone, fax number, and e-mail address (where applicable) appear on all correspondence. Manuscripts from presentations at ICTE Oslo 1997 will be published in the Conference Proceedings, if submitted on time and in the required format. Successful proposers will receive instructions on the format for submission of manuscripts. Final completed manuscripts and presenter registration fees must be received by May 10, 1997. If payment is not received by this date, manuscripts will not be published in ICTE's Conference Proceedings. Proposers should be prepared in advance to meet this critical deadline.

Manuscript Preparation/Payment of Presenter Registration Fees

If your proposal is selected for presentation, you will be expected to prepare a camera-ready manuscript in English for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. Details will be sent to successful proposers by March 10, 1997. Final completed manuscripts and payment of presenter registration fees will be required by May 10, 1997.

Special Notes
bulletthe official language of ICTE is English
bulletthe television standard in Norway is PAL (not NTSC as in North America)
bulletvoltage is 240 v. AC / 50 cycles for all electrical devices

MS-DOS / Windows and Macintosh computers, overhead projectors, 35 mm slide projectors, VCR's, and monitors will be provided. All other required support equipment and voltage transformers are the responsibility of presenters.

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