By popular demand we are allowing extra time for successful proposers to send in their manuscripts for inclusion in the ICTE Proceedings. The deadline for receipt of manuscripts is December 15, 1995. A letter accepting papers for presentation at ICTE New Orleans 1996, was mailed to successful proposers November 15, 1995.

If your paper is selected by the ICTE International Program Committee you will receive detailed instructions for submitting your final manuscript. ICTE has received several requests for advance information on specifications in order to be better prepared to meet the December 15th deadline. Please read the instructions included with your acceptance letter carefully.

The 13th International Conference on Technology and Education will publish Conference Proceedings, which will be made available (at additional cost) to all Delegates at the Conference. It is imperative that these instructions on the preparation of manuscripts for publication be followed carefully. Failure to do so may result in your manuscript being omitted from the Proceedings. If your completed and properly formatted manuscript, accompanying materials AND Conference Registration check(s) for each Author/Co-Author attending the Conference are not received by the deadline, your work WILL NOT be included in the Proceedings and you WILL NOT be included as a presenter at the Conference. If you are concerned that your final manuscript will not reach the ICTE offices in time, please contact Laura Bowers, Director of Communications, ICTE, Inc. (icte@icte.org, fax: +1-817-534-0096) at once. Please do not assume that a later submission can be accepted unless this has been arranged in advance.

Preparation of Manuscripts

A maximum of three (3) 8 1/2" x 11" pages per manuscript will be strictly adhered to, inclusive of illustrations, tables, figures, references, etc. DO NOT FOR ANY REASON EXCEED THIS MAXIMUM.

If at all possible, Manuscripts are to be provided in 12-point Times or Helvetica fonts. This allows the Proceedings to have a consistent look.

Margin Measurements are as follows:

Top & Bottom Margins: 0.9375 inches (2.38 cm)

Right & Left Margins: 1.5 inches (3.81 cm)

All titles and text must be within these margins, and pages numbered using a faint non-photo reproducing blue pencil. DO NOT TYPE PAGE NUMBERS ON YOUR MANUSCRIPT.

The title of the paper should commence at the left-hand margin and should be typed in block capitals. Do not center the title.

The name(s) of the author(s) should be typed below the title and commence at the left-hand margin.

Affiliations of the author(s) should be typed at the bottom of the first page. Affiliations must relate to the name(s) of the author(s) by reference marks (for example, *, ", etc. to distinguish each author's affiliation).

The manuscript text should be single spaced.

Section headings (if needed) should be in block capitals and centered in the middle of the page.

Equations (if used) should be centered on the page, with a blank line above and below. They should be numbered consecutively through the paper, using Arabic numbers in parentheses at the right-hand margin. Symbols may be carefully handwritten if necessary. Please use black ink if hand-written symbols are used.

References to existing literature should be given in the text rather than as indices. Bibliography should be in American Psychological Association (APA) style.

Figures must be drawn or reduced to the proper size for inclusion on the page with the text. Figures should be numbered in order throughout the text, and each figure should have a caption.

Tables must be drawn or reduced to the proper size for inclusion on the page with the text (like figures). Tables should be numbered in order through the text and each table should have a caption.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The above instructions are intended only to give presenters a starting point. Successful applicants will receive a specimen page with specific format instructions for submitting papers for inclusion in the Conference Proceedings. Please refer carefully to the instructions you receive with your acceptance letter before submitting your final manuscript.

ICTE New Orleans '96.

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