Exhibitors -- ICTE Oslo 1997

Updated August 1, 1997

Exhibitors at ICTE Oslo 1997 will demonstrate computer systems, including hardware and software, in a central, easily accessible area of the ICTE Conference at the University of Oslo. Exhibits will emphasize hands-on demonstrations and access, and exhibitors will periodically conduct special sessions on various products and software, emphasizing uses in the classroom, in a special exhibitor presentation room. A schedule of vendor presentations will be posted in the central registration area of ICTE Oslo 1997.

Apple Computer Inc.

Cupertino, California

Apple Computer, Inc., a recognized innovator in the information industry and leader in multimedia technologies, creates powerful solutions based on easy-to-use personal computers, servers, peripherals, software, handheld computers and Internet content. Headquartered in Cupertino, California, Apple develops, manufactures, licenses and markets solutions, products, technologies and services for business, education, consumer, entertainment, scientific and engineering and government customers in more than 140 countries.

At ICTE Oslo 1997, Apple Computer will feature the Macintosh computer system, educational applications, Internet tools, and the recently introduced eMate 300 mobile computer. Designed for K-12 institution customers, parents of K-12 students, college students, teachers, and university faculty members, the eMate is a tool designed specifically for education needs. The eMate 300 is everything the traditional notebook computer is not...affordable, rugged, lightweight, with a long battery life, and includes the most commonly used student applications like word processing, drawing, spreadsheet, graphing calculator, and an Internet browser. By putting eMate into the hands of educators and students, Apple's vision of learning and teaching anytime, anywhere can be extended throughout the education community.

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Sun Microsystems Inc.

Mountain View, California

Since its inception in 1982, a singular vision, "The Network Is The Computer (TM)," has propelled Sun Microsystems, Inc. to its position as a leading provider of hardware, software and services for establishing enterprise-wide intranets and expanding the power of the Internet. With more than $8 billion in annual revenues, Sun can be found in more than 150 countries and on the World Wide Web at

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Sun Microsystems, Inc. supports numerous innovative initiatives to bring the power of the network to education.

NetDay was founded in 1995 by Sun Microsystems chief science officer John Gage to activate the private sector to wire US classrooms for Internet access. The first NetDay in California (March 9, 1996) saw 100,000 volunteers, including President Clinton and Vice President Gore, wire over 4,000 schools. With time contributions from such companies as Sun, the high-tech barn-raising has gained the continued support of the White House, politicians and educators.

Currently over 45 states have followed the lead set by California and have organized a NetDay, and similar programs are being implemented in Europe as well.

Sun Microsystems, Inc. recently furthered its commitment to global education by providing the technical infrastructure to enable an unprecedented worldwide distance learning alliance consisting of nine University of California campuses and China's Tsinghua University, which have cooperated using a Sun-powered network to create a cyber classroom that facilitates the open exchange of ideas between university students and leading academics worldwide.

Sun's influence in the world of network computing, intranets, and the Internet is underscored by the following recently-published market observations:

75% of ISP-based servers are Sun based (Network Computing)

40% of Netscape Server licenses are on Solaris (IDC private communication)

35% of all Internet Servers are Sun (Business Week)

80% of Internet applications were developed on Sun systems (Information Week)

Sun's exhibit will feature JavaStations, Java, and networked computing. Sun will also present special pre-conference sessions on Java on Sunday, August 10.

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Technological Horizons in Education Journal

Tustin, California

Technological Horizons in Education Journal is the leading education technology publication for the North American community college, university, and K-12 education market. With over 24 years of experience, T.H.E. Journal has become the most widely read publication in the educational technology field with over 155,000 subscribers and a total readership of over 800,000. T.H.E. Journal's monthly editorial line-up provides readers with the latest information about technology for education written by leading educators. Each month the magazine brings informative application, trends, product information and feature stories that demonstrate innovative and effective uses of technology.

T.H.E Journal is an innovative publication and communication company. With the announcement of the new T.H.E. Journal online World Wide Web home page site, the company is now able to provide complete internet and print media services.

T.H.E. Journal will distribute free copies of current issues to delegates at ICTE Oslo 1997.

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Xemplar Education Ltd.

United Kingdom

Xemplar Education's aim is to redirect the IT debate away from hardware and toward innovative cross-platform solutions that fulfil curriculum requirements and promote ease-of-learning. A visit to Xemplar's exhibit will highlight its solutions-led approach with a variety of new products for the Mac, with an emphasis on internet access for schools.

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Pierian Spring Software

Portland, Oregon

Pierian Spring Software was established in 1992 and is dedicated to helping teachers teach and students learn. Pierian Spring is an education software developer and the first company to integrate multimedia, the Internet, and courseware across the K-12 and higher ed curriculum. Through the timely delivery of quality, educationally valid software products, on-line services, comprehensive training, and outstanding customer support, Pierian Spring Software positively impacts the quality of education in the school and in the home.

Pierian Spring Software will feature Digital Chisel 3.0 at ICTE Oslo 1997. Initially released three years ago, this simple-to-use multimedia authoring program became an immediate hit with educators throughout the US. Apple Computer began bundling the software with its Macintosh for educators, and the Digital Chisel was awarded the MacUser Editors' Choice Award, one of the most prestigious awards in software. The recognition keeps pouring in as reviews and awards acknowledge the potential of a multimedia program designed from the ground up for educators and their students.

The new 3.0 version of Digital Chisel is written entirely in Java.

Digital Chisel can be customized for students of all ages through three included user interfaces specially designed for elementary, middle school, and high school/college students. There are also three different levels of program functionality: Easy, Normal and Advanced.

Pierian Spring continues to grow to meet the demand schools have for rich, exciting technology tools for the classroom. Those needs have been met by eleven new, award-winning multimedia programs in Geography, Math, Science, Social Studies, and Language Arts.

Pierian Springs Software will present several sessions on "Revolutionary Java Authoring for Education Using the Digital Chisel 3.0", showing educators how to integrate Digital Chisel 3.0 directly into their curriculum, and how to use the program with existing resources such as the computer, TV monitor, or an overhead projector, and how to incorporate the Digital Chisel 3 into a variety of teaching situations including whole class discussion, cooperative learning groups, laboratory setting, and individualized instruction.

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Claris Worldwide

Claris Corporation, a subsidiary of Apple Computer, Inc., has demonstrated a global commitment to software publishing since its founding in 1987. Claris software products have been published in over 35 languages, and Claris maintains offices in ten countries.

With products ranging from the FileMaker Pro database, MacPaint, and MacWrite, to Internet tools such as Claris Works 4.0 Internet edition, Claris EM@iler, and Claris Home Page, Claris offers a range of quality software for educators.

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Lego Dacta


LEGO Dacta is the educational division of the well known LEGO Group and was created in 1980 in order to meet the need for hands-on educational materials.

LEGO Dacta develops its school sets by working closely together with practising teachers, educational experts and researchers from all over the world.

For the primary and secondary school, LEGO Dacta has developed products covering various curriculum areas. Our award-winning sets cover the progression with products from Early Simple Machines to Computer Control.

LEGO DACTA Science & Technology products provide students 5 years old and up with dynamic, hands-on learning experiences in science, mathematics and technology. These sets invite children to explore, investigate and "build" their own solutions to technology related problems.

During each of the three days of the International Conference on Technology and Education in Oslo, Lego Dacta will conduct a 30 minute lunch-break presentation on LEGO DACTA curriculum-based science and technology products.

The presentations will take place in Auditorium 3 of the Helga Ings building at the following times:

Monday -- 1:00 to 1:30 PM
Tuesday, Wednesday -- 12:30 - 1:00 PM

These three Lego Dacta lunch-time presentations will inform delegates about trends in design technology, in the areas of
bulletproblem solving

and how these have been combined with specially designed computer controlled LEGO DACTA models.

Also, be sure to visit the LEGO DACTA exhibit where the computer controlled models will be exhibited.

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IBM (Watch for more details)
Corel Corel Corporation of Ottawa, Canada, is the publisher of the well known WordPerfect® and Paradox® word processing and database systems.

With the new WordPerfect Suite 8, the user can communicate, collaborate, and connect to the World.

Delivering the power you need with the ease of use you want, Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 can unleash your full productivity potential. The Corel exhibit at ICTE Oslo 1997 will showcase this leading-edge software that allows a user to take advantage of leading-edge collaboration and productivity tools and advanced Web technology to connect to the world.

WordPerfect Suite 8 -- pure communication power!

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XEROX (Watch for more details)
ORACLE (Watch for more details)
Lexia Software Systems (Watch for more details)
Z Media Inc. Z Media Inc. is the developer of a state-of-the-art courseware creation and delivery system that is being used to create courseware for the Norwegian Defence Ministry.

The Z Media system makes it possible to:
bullet"Push" tests to students by mail / First Class
bulletDeliver updates to the product by ftp / First Class
bulletPresent movies, sound, animatiojn and text with a CD-ROM resource
bulletIs cross-platform (Mac/PC)

Z Media will demonstrate the system in their exhibit, and in addition, a session related to the software is on the regular Conference program.

VTEL Inc. For distance learning, no one has made the grade more than VTEL. VTEL's easy-to-use Smart Videoconferencing systems give teachers the freedom to use their preferred classroom tools and teaching methods. Students can reach new levels of participation and interaction.


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