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IT in Norwegian Education: Plan for 1996 - 99

Norway is a small nation -- with only 4 million people -- and the task of equipping schools, teachers and students with adequate computer equipment may seem like a trivial task from the perspective of larger nations. Realities and challenges in Norway are, however, the same as in many other countries:
bulletHow can the use of IT be integrated into school subjects in a natural way?
bulletHow do we train our teachers to become capable, confident users of IT?
bulletHow do we finance new equipment at a constantly increasing pace?
bulletWhat are the consequences for teaching and learning in Norway when more and more students have computer equipment at home?
bulletIs it true that students know a lot more about the use of computers than their teachers?
bulletHow do we deal with the differences in computer use and knowledge between the genders and generations?
bulletWill Norwegian culture and language survive on the Internet?

Norway as other nations needs appropriate and innovative plans, initiatives, and ideas to successfully deal with the challenges of integrating computing and network systems into education.

This special presentation on the IT plan for Norway, and a summary of plans and of progress to date, will be of interest to educators in every country, province, or state facing these same challenges.

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