Special Program Additions --

The JAVA Language

ICTE Oslo 1997 will feature several special non-technical sessions on the JAVA language and its promise for education.

JAVA is a new computer programming language that is uniquely compatible with web browsers, the Internet, intranets, and that promises the unique capability of interoperability or cross-platform operation of software programs for a variety of computer systems.
bulletWhat are the implications of JAVA for education?
bulletHow can an educational system encourage and support the development of JAVA software applications for education?
bulletWill JAVA become a language standard that operates across various computer systems, or will JAVA develop into different dialects and variations that compromise its promise of compatibility?
bulletWhat plans for JAVA does Sun Microsystems, the company what developed JAVA, have for the future of this language?

ICTE Oslo 1997 will focus on non-technical overviews of JAVA by industry authorities who will explore these and other areas of potential for JAVA-based software in education.

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