An Invitation...

 On behalf of the International Conference on Technology and Education and the ICTE Governing Board, we extend an invitation to you to plan now to attend ICTE Oslo 1997 from August 10 through 13, 1997.

 The venue will be on the University of Oslo Blindern campus in Oslo, Norway -- a modern campus with excellent facilities, located only a few minutes from the centre of Oslo by subway.

 ICTE Oslo 1997 is hosted by the Norwegian Royal Ministry of Education and Research. Joining the Ministry as sponsoring and hosting institutions of the 1997 ICTE Conference are the University of Oslo, and the Norwegian Centre for Educational Resources. These institutions join the University of Texas at Arlington, the University of London Institute of Education, and the University of Pennsylvania College of Engineering and Applied Science as academic sponsors of ICTE Oslo 1997.

 The ICTE Oslo 1997 organizing committees have prepared an exciting Conference program consisting of papers, workshops, and special sessions that will provide everyone attending with the opportunity to update themselves on the latest practices and ideas that are being applied to teaching and learning using information technologies.

 We also welcome the participation of Sun Microsystems, Apple Computer, and Technological Horizons in Education Journal as sponsors. The participation of these organizations will help to bring insights into the latest developments in technology to those attending.

 A truly international conference, ICTE Oslo 1997 will be attended by delegates from over forty nations, representing the best thinking worldwide in applying the tools of technology to the process of education. ICTE Oslo 1997 is the 14th annual ICTE Conference -- continuing the tradition of ICTE as an international event designed to foster the exchange of ideas and information on effective uses of technology to enhance education.

 Oslo -- the smallest of the Nordic capital cities with half a million population -- is an exciting location for ICTE Oslo 1997. With a history that goes back almost 1000 years, Oslo today combines an intimate, small city atmosphere with the pulsating life of a modern international metropolis. The facilities including hotels and transportation are excellent. English is spoken by virtually all Norwegians. The pleasant climate in August combines with an outstanding setting -- the forests and hills on one side of the city and the fjord on the other -- to make Oslo the perfect location to relax, and to seek ideas and inspiration at ICTE Oslo 1997.

 We look forward to welcoming you to Oslo in August.

Arne Laukholm

Sigmund Lieberg

David Walker

Conference Co-Chairs, ICTE Oslo 1997


ICTE Oslo 1997.

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