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Apple Computer joins International Conferences on Technology and Education
as a Primary Corporate Co-Sponsor

Fort Worth, Texas -- The International Conferences on Technology and Education Inc. (ICTE Inc.) today announced that Apple Computer, Inc. and ICTE have reached an agreement whereby Apple will serve as an underwriting co-sponsor of the Annual ICTE Conference and related Conference programs relating to educational uses of computer systems worldwide.

The 1996 International Conference on Technology and Education is scheduled for New Orleans March 17 through March 20. The recent 1995 ICTE Conference in Orlando, Florida drew 1,205 delegates from 47 nations, representing an international group composed of public and private school teachers, university faculty members, representatives of various state departments and ministries of education, and various other international organizations. Recent ICTE Conferences have been held in London, England (1994); Cambridge, Massachusetts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (1993); Paris, France (1992); Toronto, Canada (1991); and Brussels, Belgium (1990).

"On behalf of ICTE Inc., the ICTE Board of Directors, and the ICTE Governing Board and Program Committee, I want to express our sincere appreciation to Apple Computer for their commitment and generous support," said William Gattis, Chairman of ICTE Inc. "I believe that Apple's participation will greatly enhance the annual Conference program and related programs planned by ICTE, and will significantly contribute to the overall goal of the ICTE, which is to support and encourage the exchange of ideas and information among educators worldwide concerning uses of technology in education."

Rick Spitz, Apple Vice President for Education Strategy and Market Development and a keynote speaker for ICTE New Orleans '96, said "We are very pleased to announce our support of the International Conference on Technology and Education -- the longest-running international conference addressing technology and education. The strong international makeup of attendees, the unique participatory nature of the Conference, and the wide range of topics addressing technology uses in education, all contributed to our interest in assuming a key role in this event."

In addition to Apple Computer, other co-sponsors include the University of Texas at Arlington, Department of Computer Science and Engineering; the University of London, Institute of Education; the University of Pennsylvania, College of Engineering and Applied Science; Louisiana State University; the Chong Moon Lee Educational Technology Scholarship Program for Asian Teachers and Student Teachers; and Technological Horizons in Education Journal. Cooperating organizations for ICTE New Orleans 1996 include: the American Association of School Administrators; the Association for the Advancement of International Education; the British Council; the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium; UNESCO; Scottish Council for Educational Technology, Glasgow, Scotland; Department of Defense Dependent Schools; Educational Computing Organization of Ontario; International Society for Technology in Education; National School Boards Association; National Council for Educational Technology (United Kingdom); New England School Development Council; Partnership of Parliaments, Berlin: Technology Education Research Centers, Cambridge, MA; The University College Dublin, Dublin, Ireland; the Center for Educational Technology, Ramat-Aviv, Israel; and the University of Athens, Greece.

Apple's support will include a variety of programs related to the annual ICTE Conference. One such program will be ICTE's Education Technology World View, a forum on the Internet that will investigate uses of technology in education in over forty nations worldwide. Education Technology World View will investigate uses of technology in a variety of areas, including:
bulletComputer software for education in a variety of categories including teacher tools, instruction, administration, multi-media, telecommunications, the Internet, and others.
bulletWorld standards for technology and education, including software, hardware, networking systems, and system compatibility issues.
bulletTeacher training and preparation.
bulletInformation technology in emerging nations.
bulletResearch programs.

The forum will enlist the assistance of various software developers, manufacturers, and educational publishers as well as educational users in describing the presenting various aspects of uses of technology in education.

"The Internet is an extremely useful and accessible resource for interested educators," Gattis stated, "and is the appropriate location for Education Technology World View. We review the number of times the ICTE Conference Web Page is accessed each week, and the number of hits and the list of originating queries worldwide never ceases to amaze me."

Gattis stated that an announcement will be released within the next few weeks concerning Education Technology World View, including the WWW address and the moderator, and the nomination and selection procedure for the various topics.

Also being planned are a series of ICTE mini-conferences that will address special needs or areas of interest in various parts of the world in cooperation with various organizations, Gattis added. Details on the first of these will be announced at ICTE New Orleans '96.

ICTE Inc. is a non-profit corporation established in Texas in September, 1993.

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ICTE Sponsors: Louisiana State University; The University of Texas At Arlington; The University of London, Institute of Education; The University of Pennsylvania, College of Engineering and Applied Science; Technological Horizons in Education Journal; Apple Computer Inc.; Chong Moon Lee Education Technology Scholarship Program

ICTE Cooperating Organizations: American Association of School Administrators (USA); Association for the Advancement of International Education (USA); The British Council (UK); Catholic University of Louvain (Belgium); Centre for Educational Technology (Israel); Department of Defense Dependents Schools (USA); Educational Computing Organization of Ontario (Canada); International Society for Technology in Education (USA); National Council for Educational Technology (UK); National School Board Association (USA); New England School Development Council (USA); Partnership of Parliaments (Germany); Scottish Council for Educational Technology (Scotland); Technology Education Research Center (USA); U.N.E.S.C.O. (France); The University of Athens (Greece); University College Dublin (Ireland) -----

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