About ICTE Oslo 1997...

 From August 10 - 13, ICTE Oslo 1997 will focus on:

Changing Practices and Technologies: Decisions Now for the Future

 ICTE Oslo 1997 will open on Sunday evening, August 10, with introductions, a welcome address and remarks from senior Norwegian officials, and an overview of the next three days of ICTE Oslo 1997. The Sunday evening opening keynote address will set the stage for the conference theme and for discussion throughout the Conference. Immediately following the opening keynote, a welcome reception will be hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research at historic Akershus Fortress on Oslo Harbor.

 On Tuesday evening, the Mayor of the City of Oslo will host a reception for delegates at the Oslo City Hall, where the ceremony is held for the awarding of the Nobel Prize for Peace.

 The Conference Program is divided into seven themes, each examining a particular aspect of developments and progress in technology and communication with respect to education, including, of course, current and future uses of the information infrastructure -- principally the Internet -- in education and training. Selected keynote speakers and special presentations will focus on various recent developments in this field including such topics as the University of Oslo's innovative Distributed Classroom; JAVA and its implications for educational software; the Internet and intranets; multi-media; and numerous new initiatives with respect to technology and virtual campuses.

 Senior representatives of the information technology industry will address delegates in these and other areas, as well, to provide updates on the latest initiatives and developments in industry that apply to education.

 ICTE is distinct in that it not only brings together delegates from more than forty nations each year, but that its delegates come from many different positions in the world of education and training. K-12 teachers, university professors, administrators, decision makers, key representatives of companies that are on the leading edge of the information technology industry, and resource providers (curriculum developers, publishers, and suppliers) meet together and provide each other with stimulus, and a chance for sharing, for discussion, review, new experiences, and a rare chance to update knowledge and increase expertise.

Nearly half the Delegates appear somewhere on the program, contributing some prepared presentations to the Conference (a paper, a poster session, a lab, a workshop, etc.) These presentations are published in the Conference Proceedings, which may be ordered by Delegates (see Registration Form) and which are also ordered by numerous academic librarians each year. ICTE Oslo 1997 will provide increased opportunities for informal meetings around the themes of the Conference. The themes reflect the diversity of interest of the Delegates who attend ICTE, and they provide an opportunity for Delegates to explore new areas with which they are less familiar if they choose to do so. The ICTE Conference provides a unique opportunity to benefit from the professional expertise of Delegates engaged in applying a wide range of information technologies in the field of education.

How to Register for ICTE Oslo 1997... If you are on the annual ICTE mailing list, you will receive the ICTE Oslo 1997 Conference Registration Brochure in mid-to late April, 1997, containing the same registration, hotel, and air travel that is on this web site. If you would like to receive the Registration Brochure, please contact the ICTE Conference Secretariat at e-mail: icte@icte.org, Telephone: +1-817-534-1220, or Fax: +1-817-534-0096.

However, you can also register by FAX or by mail using information from this web site, as follows:

  1. Review the Conference Registration, Accommodation, and air travel information at this web site.
  2. Print out the Conference Registration Form, complete it and mail it or FAX it to the address or FAX number listed along with your remittance or credit card information.
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  4. Make your air travel arrangements. Information at this web site offers special fares on Scandinavian Airlines to ICTE Oslo 1997 from many departure points in Europe and several in the US. Other airlines may offer acceptable fares, as well -- you may want to check with your travel agent or directly with the airlines.

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