ICTE Santa Fe 1998 Program -- Wednesday March 11
Paper # Day Time Seq Title / Presenter(s) Session/Theme
56 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A The Symbiotic Relationship Between Organizational Culture And The Constructive Use Of Online Technology In Schools: Thoughts of Educators In The Field

David A. Heflich, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Paper / 1
49 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM B The Connections Project: Strengthening Learning Through Technology-Based Integrated Curriculum and Professional Development

Lawrence Bundy, Nebraska Department of Education; Christopher Bundy, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Paper / 1
170 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM C Multicultural Education: Cross-Verification of the Mutual Conceptions Between Students in Taiwan and the United States

Cheng-Hsiung Lu, National Hualien Teachers College
Paper / 1
196 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A Linking Libraries Across the Americas for Information Exchange and Library Services

Harry Llull, University of New Mexico; Maria Isabel Santoro, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, Brazil
Paper / 2
62 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM B How Does an Higher Educational Technology Department Maintain Instructional Classrooms

Robert Treichel, Mohave Community College
Paper / 2
7 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM C How Southeastern Louisiana University (SLU) is Dealing With Technical User Support Concerns

M. "Mike" Asoodeh, Southeastern Louisiana University; Fred Guillot, Southeastern Louisiana University; Bob Whitelaw, Southeastern Louisiana University
Paper / 2
188 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A The Manufacturing Engineering Education Partnership: A Successful Multi-task Project for Curriculum Development

Michelle Griffith, Sandia National Laboratories; John Lamancusa, Penn State University; Jose Zayas, University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez; Je
Paper / 3
152 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM B The Electronic Foundations of a National Clearinghouse for High-Tech Manufacturing

Lyn Mowafy, Maricopa Advanced Technology Education Center
Paper / 3
91 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM C NC (Network Computer) Impact on Education

Chih-Hsiung Tu, Arizona State University
Paper / 3
267 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A American Indians and Technology: Developing and Teaching Southwest Indian Courses Online or "You Can Teach Old Dogs New Tricks."

David Brandstein, Yavapai College - Innovation College
Paper / 4
151 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM B Schools, Security, and the Internet

Richard T. Beckwith, Intel Corporation; John W. Sherry, Intel Corporation
Paper / 4
280 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM C Designing Curriculum Using Instructional Technology Certificate Program

Selia Karsten, Seneca College - Int'l Business
Paper / 4
258 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A Designing Computer-Assisted Instruction for Teaching Abstract Concepts

Erik Wallen, University of New Mexico; Mark Salisbury, University of New Mexico
Paper / 6
50 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM B Virtual Summer Camp: An Internet Project for Students Using Assistive Technology

Shirley Cazalet, Special Education Technology - British Columbia (SET-BC)
Paper / 6
255 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM C Five Components of Effective Staff Development

Rich M. Wachsmann, Merrillville Community School Corporation
Paper / 6
123 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A Student Produced, Internet-based Learning Tools

Marcy S. Kramer, Advanced Network and Services
Workshop / 4
76 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM B Continual Transition in an On-line Education Environment

Anne Arendt, Walden University; Andrew Abbott, Walden University
Paper / 5
65 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A Inexpensive Robot Projects as a Pedagogical Aid in a Microcomputer Systems Course

John W. Gudenas, Aurora University
Paper / 9
159 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM B Laptop Word Processors: A Low Budget Alternative to Desktop Computers

Sara Dexter, University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities
Paper / 9
210 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM C Paradigm Paralysis and the Plight of the PC

Mick O'Neil, Department of Defense Education Activity - Europe
Paper / 9
134 Wednesday 8:45:00 AM A How to Strategically Plan for Your Organization's Future in Technological Education

Gail. S. Lockerman, Synovus University
Debate / 2

Wednesday 9:00:00 AM
Exhibits Open

Exhibits /
102 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM A Learning Problem Solving and Programming: Have We Got the Right Tools?

Fadi P. Deek, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Howard Kimmel, New Jersey Institute of Technology; Maura A. Deek, New Jersey Institute of Technology
Paper / 1
246 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM B Project Based Learning / Cooperative and Contributive Learning

Yuri Demchenko, National Technical University of Ukraine
Paper / 1
94 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM C The Development of Computer Skills in an Integrated, Individualized, Project-Based Charter School

Ronald J. Newell, Mankato State University
Paper / 1
204 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM A Managing the Dynamic Forces that Influence the Curriculum: A Historical Review and a Future Vision

Walter S. Polka, Lewiston-Porter Central Schools
Workshop / 2
265 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM A A Physics Educational Environment Based on Worldwide Network

E. Bilotta, Centro Interdipartimentale della Communicazione - University of Calabria; G. Calabro', Centro Interdipartimentale della Communicazione - University of Calabria; P. Pantano, Centro
Paper / 3
140 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM B Producing a Learning Package for Elementary Students about "Safety and First Aid"

Hulya Hamurcu, Dokuz Eylul University
Paper / 3
155 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM C Multi-Media Input to a Foundation ESP Course at University Level

Fatima H. Al-Ahmed, University of Bahrain
Paper / 3
126 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM A Online or Video or Online and Video

Robert B. Goldblatt, New York Institute of Technology
Paper / 4
193 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM B When Worlds Collide: Integrating Videoconferencing with Classroom Technology

Timothy M. Logan, Baylor University
Paper / 4
201 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM C Satellite Communications for Learning

Lee Lubbers, SCOLA
Paper / 4
115 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM A On-Campus Kiosks as Information Providers: Are They Living Up to Expectations?

Thomas W. Hutchison, Middle Tennessee State University
Paper / 5
59 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM B Student and Teacher Perceptions of Internet Based Coursework

Martha Daugherty, Georgia College & State University; Barbara Funke, Georgia College & State University
Paper / 5
164 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM C Teaching Over the Internet: Case Study in Instructional Design

Sharon B. Stringer, Penn State University
Paper / 5
125 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM A A Simulation and Modeling Tool in Genetics

Kai-Hing Yeung, The Hong Kong Institute of Education
Paper / 10
92 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM B Designing Simulation Strategies for Safety Training

Susan Giller, Singapore Polytechnic
Paper / 10
273 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM C SimClassroom: A "FLIGHT SIMULATOR" for Educators

Dr. Jorge O. Nelson, American School of Durango; Jan A. Nelson, Henderson Bay Cybernetics
Workshop / 10
195 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM A Online Eng. 101: Roadblocks and Successes

Louise Bown, Salt Lake Community College; Stephen Ruffus, Salt Lake Community College
RoundTable / 8
240 Wednesday 10:00:00 AM B Building an Educational Network on the Web

Mimi Eisenberger, GEO Interactive Media Group; Ori Shapira, GEO Interactive Media Group; Sharon Hupert Graff, GEO Interactive Media Group; Opher Shapira, GEO Interactive Media Group
RoundTable / 3

Wednesday 11:00:00 AM
Coffee Break

Break /

Wednesday 11:30:00 AM
PLENARY 6 -- General William W. Hartzog, U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command

General William W. Hartzog is the four star commanding general of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). The mission of the U.S. Army Training and Doctrine
Plenary /

Wednesday 12:30:00 PM
Lunch -- Sweeney Center

Lunch /
256 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM A Implementing the Technology Plan: A Blueprint

Cynthia Denton, Western Montana College; Larry Denton, Hobson Public Schools; Gwenn Weaver, American Council on Education
Paper / 1
3 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM B Framework for Higher Achievement: Electronic Publication

Leigh Austin, Orange County Public Schools; Janie Phelps, Orange County Public Schools
Paper / 1
279 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM C Prophets of Profit: Corporate Views of the 21st Century Workforce

Charles Underwood, Executive Director, Nexus, UC Berkeley; Lora Taub, Graduate School of Education, UC Berkeley
Paper / 1
21 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM A (none provided)

Ward Bryan Zimmerman, EnterpriZ
Paper / 1
262 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM B Using Technology to Improve the Quality of Student Research in the Literature Classroom

Joan Wines, California Lutheran University
Paper / 1
274 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM C Effective Learning in an Affective Context: The 5th Dimension Model

Robert A. DeVillar, UCD/CSUF
Paper / 1
5 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM A Electronic ICTE Newsletter (Student Generated) Web Based Student Newsletter

Mark Muller, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Paper / 3
111 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM B Getting their Attention: Creating Effective Multimedia Presentations for the Classroom, the Boardroom and the Internet

Steven Francis, Holy Cross College
Paper / 3
127 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM A Integrating Distance Learning in the Classroom in Collaborative Efforts

Michele Perisho, Morgan Community College; Suzanna Spears, Morgan Community College; Corliss Keown, Morgan Community College
Workshop / 4
222 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM A Educating the Educators: Collaborative Knowledge Building and Networked Learning

Therese Laferriere, University of Laval; Alain Breleux, McGill University
Paper / 5
231 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM B Virtual University and Web-Based Instruction: Concept, Design, and Implementation

Ali Jafari, Indiana University Purdue University / Indianapolis
Paper / 5
245 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM C Twenty Five Years of Experience in Distance Teaching Economy: The UNED Business and Economics Faculty

Jose Collado Medina, UNED; Rafael Castejon Montijano, UNED
Paper / 5
259 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM A Designing Instructional Simulations for Computer-Assisted Instruction

Robert Grassberger, University of New Mexico; Mark Salisbury, University of New Mexico
Paper / 10
248 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM B Virtual Experiment -- The Essential Role of Simulation in CAL

Veljko Spasic, University of Belgrade
Paper / 10
214 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM C The Use of Hazards Analysis in the Development of Training

F. Kay Houghton, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Paper / 10
229 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM A Using Technology to Connect, Classroom, Careers, and Community

Marsha Celesta, Aurora Public Schools; Theresa Otero Murray, Aurora Public Schools
Workshop / 3
78 Wednesday 1:30:00 PM B The Complete Multimedia Presenter and It's Portable

William A. Byrtus, Sandhills Community College
Workshop / 3

Wednesday 2:00:00 PM
Exhibits Close

Exhibits /

Wednesday 2:45:00 PM
PLENARY 7 -- Closing

Looking ahead to ICTE 1999

David Walker, ICTE
Plenary /


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