Information on School Visits

Pineview Elementary School

Visitors to Pineview Elementary School will see and learn how it is implementing the sophisticated and comprehensive student assessment software, ABACUS.  ABACUS is a National Computer Systems (NCS) product that is designed to track student mastery of curriculum.

Teachers administer tests created with pre-loaded or instructor developed assessment items that are linked to specific curriculum benchmarks/objectives.  Student responses are uploaded into ABACUS
via scan sheets or manual input.   Reporting to teachers, parents and administrators is immediate and comprehensive.  Pineview has been piloting the use of ABACUS this school year and plans to rely
on it to provide baseline assessment data,  to track student gains, and serve as an exit exam/pupil progression instrument at the end of the year as well as a FCAT practice strategy.  ABACUS may be used in either a MacIntosh or PC environment as a stand alone or network application for single schools or entire districts.  

Pineview will also be showcasing a cutting edge Internet/network applications strategy utilizing the SunRay, a Sun Microsystems thin-client scenerio.  High on speed and quality, it is a dream come true for the network administrator who wants to deliver quality network services with minimal user training and hardware support.


Nims Middle School

Visitors to Nims Middle School will see the following: 


Florida A & M University

Photo at right: 
Florida A & M's unique 
smart classroom.

Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, founded on October 3, 1887, as the State Normal College for Colored Students, began classes with fifteen students and two instructors.  Its destiny to become an institution of higher learning, striving toward even greater heights of academic excellence.  Today, Florida A&M University is one of ten institutions in Florida’s State University System.

Florida A&M University is a four-year, public, co-educational and fully accredited institution of higher learning. The main campus is spread over 419 acres located on the highest of seven hills in Tallahassee, the capital of Florida. The total assets of the University are valued over $190 million dollars. The campus is comprised of 131 buildings and has a current operating budget of over $210,000,000. Florida A&M University student enrollment population consists primarily of undergraduates (students enrolled at the lower division). As of Fall 1997, Florida A&M University offered 108 undergraduate degrees in 64 undergraduate programs and 60 graduate degrees in 32 graduate programs (includes 1 professional and 7 doctoral degrees) within its 12 Schools and Colleges. The doctor of philosophy is offered in the College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, College of Education and FAMU/FSU College of Engineering.

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