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ICTE Conference Schedule -- updated July 12, 2014

CURRENTLY, PLANS ARE UNDERWAY to reinstate the ICTE Annual Conference in 2015, as well as a revised event model under which ICTE will provide grants to selected Universities, Colleges, and Public School Systems based on competitive applications.  The grants will be directed to the support of regional mini-conferences, focused on areas of current interest with respect to technology and applications in education.

PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE for more details on developments.  To be added to an ICTE information update newsletter, please send a request to newintel@newintel.com.

Following the events of September 11, 2001, the Board of Directors of ICTE made the decision to temporarily suspend the annual ICTE Conference following the ICTE Africa event in 2002 due to concerns about attendance, largely as a result of substantially reduced international air travel.  At past ICTE Conferences in North America, approximately 40 percent of attendance was from outside of North America -- primarily from Europe and Asia.  At past European ICTE Conferences, approximately 50 percent of attendance was from North America and Asia.  The concern was that under the circumstances, it would be difficult for the annual ICTE Conference to be successful in its established format, with its international focus on education and technology.

Although it was a difficult decision to suspend this event after 20 years of continuous ICTE Conferences, the experiences of several other conferences with international attendance suggest that this was an appropriate decision at that time.

  SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  A special event is being organized by the Invitational International Seminar on Schooling that may be of interest to visitors to this web site.  For more information, click IISS.
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Recent ICTE Conferences

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Education Technology World View     
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Our Technology Future:
If We're Wired, Why Aren't We Transforming Learning?
 -- Education Week
ball.gif (1653 bytes) The Great American Textbook Scandal -- Forbes Magazine
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Education Week's International Page -- Education Week
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Education Week's Technology Update -- Education Week
ball.gif (1653 bytes) U.S. Federal Study Details Barriers to Internet Learning -- Education Week
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Web-Based Education Commission Report -- U.S. Congress
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Johnny's Computer Doesn't Boot -- Forbes Magazine
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Current issue of T.H.E. Journal  (Now includes current issue and back issues since 1994)
ball.gif (1653 bytes) Scottish Cultural Resources Access Network

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Coming soon -- Education Technology Forum

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Recent ICTE Events 

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C M Lee Technology Scholar Update

ICTE Tampa Proceedings 

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What Is ICTE?

The International Conference on Technology and Education (ICTE) convenes each year at a location in North America and a location in Europe or Africa. Typically, delegates from more than fifty nations attend the Conference each year, representing technology-using educators from a wide range of higher educational institutions, state departments of education, ministries of education, and school systems worldwide.

The goal of the International Conference on Technology and Education is to provide an annual international forum to support and encourage the exchange of ideas and the sharing of information among those engaged in using technology in its various forms in the field of education.

Now in its nineteenth year, ICTE is the longest-running international educational / technology conference of its kind.


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"No nation holds a monopoly on technology, or on the uses of technology in education. The great variety of ideas and initiatives in this field worldwide offer a valuable range of resources for researchers, teachers, and administrators engaged in the field of education."

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